Email appending is the process of merging a database of customer information like name, email addresses, mapping it to the source contact list to get the email address. The importance of email addresses in B2B Marketing remains a recommended network for most business contacts.  It is also called e-appending, involves the process of reaching the potential customers through inboxes where an amazing email is delivered that promote the products and services.

Email appending is quite useful for company marketing strategies and is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the opportunities to reach your prospects quickly and faster. The steady growth in demand with email marketing campaign provides the sure-fire way to add active email addresses as a means to expand marketing options.

Email Marketing delivers the best ROI and it is the powerful tool for today’s online business. Appending your marketing database improves the business revenue and it is a challenge for all type of business especially small business.

For effective email marketing campaign, use email appending services as one of the most reliable tools to generate revenue. It is a current, accurate and valuable method for increasing action rates and ROI.

How Email Appending Works?

The working of email appending encompasses the business database contains the contact details including email address, full name, phone number and company name. If the customer or companies have the interest to expand their email relationship, then they consolidate the information and append email business addresses to the existing file. Through this process, we will get a fresh and newly updated database with current locations of prospects.

The method of email appending will help marketers to get new ideas and information of targeted customers which will help in a powerful customer relationship. If you are doing proper email appending then it will give you at least 40% return on investment on your every own customer database.

Email Appending Best Practices

Email appending is typically considered to be one of the most affordable and fastest methods to grow your list through a service provider. The process adds missing contact information to a customer record in your database. This significantly improves your business metrics on all levels.

One of the key factors of email appending is to reach the target audience. If you have the capacity to meet your aimed customers then email appending will help to connect with target prospects effortlessly.

The Benefits of Email Appending

Appending email addresses to your existing customer records enables you to enjoy cost reduction benefits and boost sales. By expanding your reach; increase the profit and lowering your cost per contact of every campaign through email appending services are easy.

Following are some of the benefits of Email Append:

  • Reduces Communication Costs.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Improve delivery rate.
  • Reduces Response Time.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Reduce direct mailing costs.
  • Receive more quantifiable results.
  • Expands your marketing options.
  • Accelerate and enhance email marketing campaigns.

Maximize the opportunities by keeping a customer database that contains quality email addresses leaves money on the table for your top-level business. As a result, you can fill the gap between customer data to boost business sales.

Email Append Process

There are many email appending processes like reverse email appending services, B2B email appending services and B2C email appending services and much more. These all appending services are awesome for marketers to improve their business to next level.

Email appending is flourishing and has the potential to produce huge ROI. If you spend more time to get your emails in order and by using effective methods to reach your customers then you will get valid results.

One of the best ways to append your database

  • Send all your information files with complete contact details like username, email addresses, and phone number, to your data append provider.
  • Your email append vendor will check the contact matches with the ones in their master database.
  • Next step is your database will update with fresh email addresses and remove all errors.
  • Then sent the welcome emails with opt-in request
  • The opt-outs will be removed
  • A decent appended email match rate will be provided
  • Finally, you will get full and active contact database

The key to successful business marketing is to gain a data-driven, up-to-date and accurate email database that ensures that all marketing messages are communicated to relevant buyers and customers. The reliable and refreshed email address records can bolster far-reaching advertising, and motivating the products and services, high lead era and in this way, high ROI and Business Revenue.


Email is becoming a more viable alternative day by day and email-based campaigns have aided organizations to manifold response and ROI. Without an email marketing strategy, you cannot reach your most of the key business goals. So this is the main reason why an accurate database has a very big role in email marketing. The B2B email appending services allows you better communicate with your customers, inform them about the launch of new products, attract them with customized offers, and much more.

Don’t let the success of your email marketing be limited, build a dream to drive your business top of the market by using the Email Appending Services. So make it easy for prospects and customers to get the word out about your brand. Think about your goal for the emails.