Data Services

Increase Your Marketing Campaign ROI With Accurate Data

Data append services adds missing email, contact, mailing addresses to your current lists so you can connect with your audience more efficiently. It also helps your campaigns reach the right people at the right time. Database hygiene decides the success of your campaign. An appended database enables you to reach potential customers at the right time. At eGlobeData, data appending is opted-in and permission-based to help increase your campaign effectiveness.

Append Powerful Data to Your Customer Files

  • Define unique attributes of your best and most profitable customers
  • Identify prospects most like your best customers for new growth opportunities
  • Match new customers with any existing ones in the system to save time
  • Implement multiple channel marketing to elevate the conversion rate

We’ve made the enrichment process easy by putting together data packages containing the most popular data elements for general profiling or specific industries.

Add Consumer Information to Your Records for Better Market Segmentation and Targeting

Enhance your customer lists with new information using our Data Appending service. Add demographics, lifestyle info, phones, email addresses.

Business Data Appending

Our data appending service, Will match business email addresses to your existing customer database and boost your contact list into a powerful tool that enables email, mailing and digital communication with your target customers.

Email Appending

Utilize the full set of email list append services provided by us. Scrub email list through a proprietary validation process, email validation and reverse email append to keep your customer email marketing list up to date and deliverable.

Phone Appending

Append mobile, telephone, landline or cell numbers to your customer or prospect records to enhancing your database and Opening up new channels of communication increase leads and revenue with the help of our reverse append services.

Reverse Appending

Enhance your email records with a matching name and mailing address to improve targeting with our reverse email and phone appending services which help you take advantage of the multi-channel marketing.

Consumer Data Appending

Append missing information on you consumer records through name, email, phone number or with the help of mailing address appending and demographic data helps you to reach the target audiences.

Engage audiences on the channels and devices they prefer to use when interacting with your brand.

CRMdatapro offers the industry’s most comprehensive data, and we can help you choose the most relevant and effective audiences to drive better marketing results both offline and online.

Improve Customer Insights

Cleanse your data and overlay additional attributes to discover new segments for high impact marketing campaigns.

Activate Data Across Channels

Deliver audiences to your preferred marketing platforms, publishers, and services partners to execute campaigns.

Unify Offline and Digital Data

Connect everything at the data layer to create a single view of the customer that enables better engagement and insights.

Deliver Seamless Experiences

Connect interactions across channels and devices to create experiences that set you apart from the competition.

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